NJ Pool Inspections


People ask why should they get a pool inspection when they already have a home inspection?  The answer is very simple.  Most home inspectors will do rudimentary pool inspections.  Home inspectors often fill out a simple checklist and hand it to you without much explanations.  If they see something that they feel is beyond the scope of their expertise then they recommend a separate pool inspection.  How does that help you?  Now you are up against a deadline.  Contingencies must be removed by a certain date.  Can you find a specialty inspector in time?

The home inspector's inspection will not discuss the proper plumbing of the pool, the water velocity, clarity, sanitation, etc.  They will not calculate circulation times and heating times, if so equipped.  They don't calculate the gallonage of the pool.  They cannot explain the differences between the different types of pool sanitation systems available.  They do not give estimates for the repairs of noted deficiencies found.  They will not give you any tips for maintaining your pool.  In addition, their insurance often specifically excludes errors and omissions on the pool and spa.   

We here at NJ Pool Inspections give you a complete detailed report.  We cover all aspects of the swimming pool and the surrounding area as well.  We make every effort to protect you and your family from any known or unknown deficiencies that we discover.